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Rounded Street LED Display

With the LAN ,wifi,3G jintelligent managemeng core modules inside ,the adcertisement show can be changeable

IP65 Waterproof  and transparent glass design

Ultra-thin, and ultra-light. Only 60mm thickness and 18kg/panel weight

Features Parameter Case

1. IP65 Waterproof  and transparent glass design

2. Ultra-thin, and ultra-light. Only 60mm thickness and 18kg/panel weight

3. double side manageing th display with different advertising pictures

4. Pixel-by-pixel calibration to ensure consistency

5. Easy and convenient maintenance

6. Brightness and  refresh rate adjustable by software, suitable for filming.

Item NO. RSB-S2.4 RSB-S3 RSB-S4 RSB-S4.8 RSB-S6
Pixel Pitch 2.4mm 3mm 4mm 4.81mm 6mm
Pixel Density 173,611dots/ 111,111 dots/ 62,500dots/ 43,402dots/ 27,777dots/
Cabinet Size 700x1200x60mm 490x1338x60mm 490x1338x60mm 490x1338x60mm 490x1338x60mm
Cabinet Resolution 240x400 dots 128x384 dots 96x288 dots 80x240 dots 64x192 dots
Grey  Level 16 bit 16 bit 16 bit 16 bit 14 bit
Refresh Rate ≥2280Hz ≥2280Hz ≥2280Hz ≥2280Hz ≥2280Hz
Brightness ≥4500 NIT ≥4500 NIT ≥4500 NIT ≥4500 NIT ≥4500 NIT
View angle 140°/140° 140°/140° 140°/140° 140°/140° 140°/140°
Power Consumption 330W/ 160W 360W/180W 320W/160W 430W/220W 430W/220W
Cabinet Weight 18 KG 18 KG 18 KG 18 KG 18 KG
Waterproof IP level IP65/43 IP65/43 IP65/43 IP65/43 IP65/43

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