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一、LED stadium screen solution features:

1. High Brightness (adjustable), high refresh, low power consumption, 50% energy saving.

2. Perfect balancing effect, coupled with advanced point by point correction technology enables no color difference between each module and display.

3. Software partitioning capabilities can achieve the display of full-screen multi-windows, and displaying images, real-time display, text, time, sports scores at the same time.

4. Efficient fiber transmission system, effectively reducing the phenomenon of signal delays caused by the remote transmission on the stadium, and ensure the consistency of playing

5. The mask are designed by soft silicone mask.

6. Cabinets flexibility mobilize angle are available. Ensures the large viewing angle visual effects without distortion.

7. With front/back high IP level 65/54.

1. Mainly used in soccer fields, basketball courts, swimming pool and other sports venues.

2. Introduce players, tournaments realistic conditions. Large and clear game live images, breaking the seat restrictions, allowing remote viewing game easier.

3. Connection referee system and time scoring system, LED screen can play the game time and score in real time.

4. Slow-motion playback become the gist of the referee make the right decision, which will be maintaining the play more fair and justice, reduce unnecessary conflict.

5. Wonderful scenes, slow-motion playback, close-up, giving the audience the perfect visual feast.

6. Commercials playing make the game site even better, perfect picture and sound making the game site shows more atmosphere and shocking

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