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Sales and service

Pre-sale service
After the contract is signed, RSBLED will send engineers to users to establish power supply scheme, signal wiring form,
structure construction requirements and equipment files with the necessary conditions.

Sales service

During the production, we conduct the whole production process quality control system.
RSBLED is responsible for the on-site installation and debugging, and keep communication and coordination with party A in the process of construction.

After-sales service

RSBLED will ensure that the product quality is reliable, and provide product operation manual and technical training.

Service Concept
  • Competitive Advantage: Offer services that our competitors cannot.
  • Differentiation:Design your package of services to set our self apart and above of the competition.
  • Customer Satisfaction:Grow the overarching value of our solution through ongoing communication with our customers.
  • Customer Loyalty: Happy customers are more likely to renew their services and refer their colleagues to us.
  • Increase in Profit:Customer satisfaction leads to increased product usage, higher conversion rates, and larger average order value.
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