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With the development of HD display and smart control,it has been a major topic in the LED industry on how to improve the display effect and efficiency. RSBLED provides professional solutions for TV stations,military commands,transportation coordination,and video conference.

1. Brief introduction of appliance on LED display Information Scheduling

As the on-going development of the SMD technique, the LED are become more and more small and with higher and higher performance. The small pitch and big area LED comes real. It is widely used on  power scheduling, transport scheduling, space surveillance, security monitoring and control field etc. The high resolution display used on dispatching system is mainly to amplify the monitoring of image information, realize the aim of on time monitoring and dispatching. Many station's strip display and double color display which shows the ticket information and passing in and out of station information, also is a way to show  information dispatch.

2.LED Information Scheduling Display Solution

LED display is widely used for command scheduling, for example: station, transportation command center, army command  center etc. All displays for command scheduling system are almost the same. Except the normal strip display, there is colorful high definition display which can magnify the signals. Below is the description of the solution for the railway station.

1) railway system database

2) station dispatcher

3) waiting hall LED display

4) central system

5) station room, route for travelers  indicative sign

6) station Voice Broadcasting System

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