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The type of the LED display

Author:RSBLED Time:2017-04-21

There are two types of LED displays: traditional (with discrete LED) and surface mount device (SMD) panels. Most outdoor screens and some indoor screens, but also around the well-known discrete LED light-emitting diodes installed. By the red, green, and blue diode driver together to form a full-color pixel, usually square. Pixels evenly spaced apart, measuring center, the absolute pixel resolution center. The world's largest over 1500 feet (457.2 meters) long, LED display is in Las Vegas, Nevada Fremont Street Experience coverage. The world's largest LED video-centric red cowboy stadium, which is 160 × 72 ft (49 × 22 m), 11,520 square feet (1,070 m2).

Most indoor led display screens on the market have adopted the trend of surface mount technology has been extended to the outdoor market. SMD pixel consists of a single package, and then installed on the PC board, the driver installation of red, green and blue diodes. Smaller than the needles of individual diode, set very close. The difference is, the maximum visible distance reduced by 25%, from the same resolution, the discrete diode screen.

Outdoor led display use, at least 2000, CD / square meter in most cases needs, the high brightness of up to 5,000 CD / sq m to cope with direct sunlight and even better on the screen type. (Ie, LED display brightness can be reduced from the designed maximum, if necessary.)

Large panels suitable location is determined by factors such as attention, local authority planning requirements (if the installation is to become semi-permanent), vehicular access (trucks carrying the screen, car screens, or cranes), cable runs for power and video (for distance, health and safety requirements of the accounting), power supply, the ground is suitable for the screen (position, if no pipeline, shallow drains, caves or tunnels, may not be able to support heavy loads), and overhead obstructions.

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