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The installation of the LED display

Author:RSBLED Time:2017-08-08

For outdoor LED display, because it is in outdoor use. Inevitable and ordinary indoor LED display difference treatment. Outdoor LED display installation requirements and ordinary indoor LED. Installation must be in the details well. Otherwise likely to cause trouble.

A. Lightning protection devices installed on the display and buildings.

Display main body and cover to maintain a good grounding, grounding resistance of less than 3 ohms, so that large currents caused by lightning discharge in a timely manner; display may be subject to the thunder and lightning caused by strong electric magnetic attacks

Two. LED display waterproofing measures

Screen and screen and the construction of the junction must be strictly water leak; screen body to have a good drainage measures, in the event of a smooth water emissions; attention to water, moisture. The display is installed outdoors, often sun and rain, wind and dust cover, poor working conditions. Electronic equipment is wet or excessive moisture will cause a short circuit or even fire, causing the failure or fire, resulting in losses;

3. Circuit chip select

Selection of operating temperature between -40 ℃ to 80 ℃ Industrial-level integrated circuit chip, to prevent the winter temperature is too low so that the display can not be started.

4. Installation of ventilation equipment, cooling, screen the internal temperature between -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

Installing a screen behind the top of the axial flow fan to discharge heat; display the work itself must produce a certain amount of heat, if the ambient temperature is too high and heat but also bad, the IC may not work properly, and even burned, so that the display system does not work;

5 Ultra-high brightness light emitting diodes must be selected

In order to ensure the long-distance visible in strong ambient light, high brightness light emitting diodes must be selected; to increase contrast. Audience width, sight distance requirements far, a wide field of vision requirements; ambient light changes, in particular, may be subject to direct sunlight.

6. Media selection of new wide viewing angle tube.

Wide viewing angle, color pure, coherent and coordinated, and life over 100,000 hours media outside the package for the current most popular with cover along the square tube, silicone sealed, metallized assembly; the exquisite beauty of its appearance, sturdy and durable, with anti- direct sunlight, dust-proof, waterproof, anti-high temperature, anti-circuit short-circuit characteristics of five anti.

The installation of outdoor LED electronic display Note related to the product after use and safety, must be strictly treated seriously up.

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