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Solutions to light pollution on the LED display

Author:RSBLED Time:2017-08-08

First, the use of available system to automatically adjust the brightness control system

Day and night, different time and place of the great changes in the brightness of the environment, if the LED display brightness of the play 60% greater than the ambient light that we felt was not suited to the eye, that is caused by light pollution for people. Acquisition system through the outdoor brightness, the brightness on the environment at any time of the acquisition. Shows the system level control system by receiving data through the software to automatically converted for broadcast environment brightness.

Second, the multi-level gray scale correction technology

Common Led display board system uses the 8bit color display level, so that some low-intensity and color at the color of over-rigid. Not meet the color of light can also cause. New LED large-screen control system uses a 14bit color display level, greatly improved the color in over-the hardness. So that people can feel when watching the soft color. Prevent people from light

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