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Note switch led display

Author:RSBLED Time:2017-08-08

A switching sequence: when the opening screen: first boot, after the opening screen.

Off-screen time: First off screen, after the shutdown.

(First turn off the computer does not display the body can cause screen with high bright, burning lamps, serious consequences.)

2, the switch led display screen, the interval of time greater than 5 minutes.

3, the computer control software into the project only after the opening screen power.

4, to avoid white screen in full screen mode to open, because this time the impact of the current system the most.

5, to avoid out of control under the opening screen, because at this time the impact of the current system the most.

A computer does not have access control software and other procedures;

B computer does not power;

C control part is not powered.

6. Ambient temperature is too high or bad cooling conditions should be taken not for a long time to open screen.

7. Indoor led display as part of the body appears very bright line, should pay attention to timely off-screen, in this state for too long to open screen.

8. Often display power switch trip, check the screen body in time or replace the power switch.

9. Firmly attached at the regular check situation. If loosening, pay attention to adjustment, and re-strengthening or updating of hanging.

10. According to the Led display board, the control part of the environment in which to avoid insect bites, poison prevention needs to be placed.

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