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8 determinants of LED Display

Author: Time:2017-03-31

LED display screen1, the brightness and viewing angle indoor full color LED display brightness to 1800cd/m2 above, outdoor full color LED display brightness to 5000cd/m2 or more outdoor led strip screen brightness to 2000cd/m2 or more, in order to ensure the normal brightness of the LED display requirements, or because it's too dark and not see the display. Mainly by the brightness of the size of the LED die is good or bad decision.

Directly determines the size of the viewing angle of the LED display screen how much the audience, so the bigger the better, the size of the viewing angle of the main package from the die to decide.

2, the flatness

LED screen of the surface roughness to within ± 1mm, in order to ensure the display image is not distorted, partially raised or recessed result led display viewing angle appears dead. The quality of flatness mainly by the production process.

3, the reduction of color reduction of color is the LED display on the reduction of color, both the color LED display shows the source to the color and play in unison, so as to ensure the realism of the image.

4, white balance white balance is the LED display screen of the most important indicators. Red, green and blue colors of the school taken in the ratio of 3:6:1 will be shown when the pure white, if the actual proportion of any deviation will appear white balance bias, generally pay attention to whether there is bluish white, partial yellow-green phenomenon.

White balance is good or bad by the LED display control system to determine the die on the reduction of color is also affected.

5, with or without color is the color between adjacent LED modules more clear color, the color of the transition to the module as a unit, the color phenomenon caused mainly by the control system is poor, gray level is not high , caused a lower scanning frequency.

6, with or without mosaic, mosaic is a dead phenomenon appears on the LED display screen Always or often a small four black boxes, both modules necrosis, mainly used for the LED display connector quality standards.

Dead appear on the LED display is lit or always dark of a single point, mainly by the number of dead die is good or bad decision.

7, gray scale gray scale display is led from the darkest to the brightest technical processing between series, the higher the gray level, color, richer, more beautiful color; the screen the more delicate, more details of the performance of rich . At present, LED display uses 8-bit processing system, that 256 (28) levels of gray. Simple to understand from black to white There are 256 brightness variations. Using RGB primary colors can constitute 256 × 256 × 256 = 16777216 colors. Known as 16 million colors.

8, the refresh rate refresh rate is the LED display screen is the number of times repeated, in theory, the higher the refresh rate, the better the display,

Generally speaking, civil or commercial grade LED display indoor LED display products in the refresh rate is greater than 180HZ, outdoor LED display refresh rate greater than

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